The Design Mistakes That Render The Xbox 360 Unreliable

Published: 08th December 2009
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When Microsoft introduces a product, it is all about domination of its market. This means their product quality can suffer in their war with their business rivals. Millions of consumers have purchased the Xbox 360 in spite of some vary serious flaws which affect its reliability.

The newer Xbox consoles use the Jasper chip which should enhance their reliability. However there are millions of old console systems out there which still have numerous quality problems. This article will address the various flaws of the Xbox 360.

1.) The Xbox tends to get extremely hot.

The older consoles contain these large and inefficient GPU's and CPU's that generate too much heat. Microsoft didn't want the 360 to be an oversized and clunky product so they gave it a smaller and sleeker look. This gives it a very attractive appearance but this also means that there's little space on the inside to house the electronics.

The heat generating electronics are jammed into a compartment too tiny to allow for easy dissipation of heat. The cooling system of heat sinks, vents and fans can't keep the electronics cool after heavy usage.

This is why the Xbox is likely to overheat after a few hours of use. It takes very little for them to get excessively hot. For example, hours of play in a very warm room may cause the console to freeze up.

2.) There's a bunch of design mistakes that contribute to the overheating problem.

As was mentioned before, the small interior is one design error. Their method of securing the heat sinks to the motherboard using the xclamp is yet another.

The xclamps press down with an uneven force that becomes more extreme when the console overheats. This in turn flexes and warps the motherboard.

Another difficulty was using lead free solder which gets brittle and can crack from the flexing of the motherboard.

The thermal compound that connects the CPU and GPU to the heat sinks dries out and degrades when it gets too hot. When this happens, the heat sinks can't draw off heat from the GPU and CPU. This means that too much heat builds up which causes the red ring of death or 3 red light error.

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