Tips On How To Be A Romantic Guy

Published: 09th January 2009
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Most guys realize that being masculine is a turn on for women. They may work out hard to get a chiseled body and often wear clothing styles that project a macho look. So far, so good but they are overlooking something else that's really effective in keeping a lady's interest.

This is having a skill-set on being the romantic Don Juan type. Women can't resist it and the movies of Hollywood have been telling us this for a very long time. Some tips to help you get started in the right direction:

1.) The next time she is going shopping, accompany her. This is her day so you will have to stick around with her and concentrate on her experience. You can't bolt out to the sporting goods section to buy things that you like. You will have to take an interest in anything concerning her.

2.) Do some flirtation with your lady. Flirtation is often used as a first step in starting a relationship with a woman. However, making a habit of it after she's already yours will make the relationship stronger.

Teasing her in a loving or playful way is quite effective. Just be careful to stay away from whatever insecurities that she might have.

3.) If she wants to tell you about her day, immediately stop what you're doing and give her your full attention. Don't try to do this while reading the paper or viewing the TV. Giving her your complete attention is essential for her to know that you're there for her.

Avoid giving her any sort of advice. She's not looking for a solution or info. She wants to express her personal feelings and wants emotional support.

4.) If she loves outdoor pursuits, go on a picnic. An old fashion picnic can be an incredibly romantic occasion. Spend a lazy summer afternoon snuggled up in a hammock watching clouds drift by and chatting. A nice variation to this is to do the same thing on a warm night with a full moon.

5.) Routines are essential for finishing off the daily tasks efficiently. But they are predictable and dull and this is deadly to romance. Try shaking up the usual mechanical routines and surprise her with roses or prepare a dinner by candle light. Anything that's new or different can stir up excitement.

6.) Get together for an evening and get naughty: create a bunch of love coupons. How they get redeemed can be as simple as pulling one randomly out of a hat or making it a very elaborate game. The possibilities are only bounded by your own creativity.

With practice, being romantic will get to be very natural.

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