Xbox 360 Repair - Two Electrical Hazards You Must Avoid

Published: 19th October 2009
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Electricity can be a dangerous thing to both you and your Xbox. For human beings, it is the 110 AC power that your Xbox gets plugged into that can cause harm. For your Xbox, static electricity is the problem.

Part 1 - Keep yourself safe.

People often mistakenly believe that electricity is only dangerous when you're dealing with thousands of volts. But it isn't the voltage that does the damage, it's the current or amps that flow through your body that is lethal. People have been electrocuted by ordinary appliances that use 110 volt AC.

How does this happen? If there is a pathway of low resistance that goes through the heart, 110 volts is just as deadly as 1000 volts. Dry, thick calloused skin provides a greater resistance to electrical current flow than wet skin such as moist sweaty skin, scraped skin that is bleeding, or even your tongue. Skin contact over a large area with an electrical source has less resistance to electrical current than skin contact over a small area.

Electrical current flowing into your hand and out your wrist may be harmless if painful. But an identical quantity of current going into the right hand and out of the left hand can stop your heart. The reason for this is that your heart is on the pathway between both hands.

The same is true for current traveling from your hand to one of your feet. A trick that electricians use is to work with one hand while wearing insulated boots to prevent current from flowing through the vital organs.

So what does this mean to you? Before you disassemble your console, remember to unplug the power supply from the wall outlet.

Part 2 - Keep your Xbox safe.

Most of us have been sparked by a doorknob when the weather was very dry. We might have been walking on a carpet before reaching for the knob. This spark is a discharge of static electricity that was generated by the walk across the carpet. Static electricity is fatal to micro electronics.

It's not the buildup of static charge that does the damage, it's the discharge of this buildup. If you notice a small spark when handling the motherboard in your console, there's a good chance that damage has been done.

Some conditions conducive to static electricity are carpeting, very dry air, wool and polyester clothing. When you work inside the console of your Xbox, wear clothing made of cotton. Work in a small, uncarpeted room with a humidifier turned on. The relative humidity should be at least 35%.

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